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Own a Consulting Business? Here are 6 Benefits of Using Professional Invoice Templates!

Bills don’t have to be black text on white paper only. You can get creative with how your invoices look. You can mess with details, add better aesthetics, and organize the details however you wish!

And we promise, this isn’t a waste of time. In fact, there are many practical benefits to a good invoice template!

Gives Clients a Good Impression

Consultants are experts and you want to project a professional image in any product you offer. Invoices are one way to impress. You can customize one to give clients an excellent first impression when hiring you.

You can even personalize your invoices. You can add a “thank you” letter at the end, customized to address the client by name!

Weave Invoices into Your Brand Strategy

Most consultants like to project the image of amiable and knowledgeable advisors. That’s a reliable brand personality for your line of work. And going back to “thank you” letters, that small modification expresses your brand personality!

And it doesn’t stop there. You can mess with your invoice visuals to match the brand image.

You can change shapes and colors across your invoices. You can adjust symmetry and font/line sizes for reader comfort.

Custom Templates Add Convenience

Keep in-mind that many invoices are electronic these days. So you have to adapt them for mobile phones, computers, and tablets. You need to make them readable and easy to digest. After all, you don’t know where your client may be when they pick up the invoice.

Be sure to pick templates that are responsive. Add in features that let them see one page at a time.

Also, you can add in features that make scouring through pages easier. If your invoice is too long, add an index that lets clients skip pages.

Finally, make sure the template you pick has a tab that makes it easy to approve payments!

You Can Market Through Your Invoice

It’s a bill for sure. But it’s, an opportunity to coax clients into trying more of your services.

For example, your invoices can upsell. After payment, you can briefly remind clients of products you have related to your consulting services.

Or, maybe you have a channel for exclusive members that want more of your consulting time. That’s something else you can market.

You can even make your invoice more promotional by adding in flashy banners that entice customers into clicking!

Just ensure that your marketing isn’t repetitive spam. Keep it short, and mention what the client wants to hear!

You Can Try Getting Referrals

You don’t have to market products or services to clients. Just ask them (if they’re satisfied) to get you more clients! Referral marketing puts zero pressure on clients to pay. It also makes your business look less sales hungry.

And in the world of consulting, wanting referrals shows that you’re confident in your business and want to expand!

Ask for Reviews or Feedback

Your invoice can link to a section on your website that collects and displays reviews (for marketing purposes). It may even link to a review website, where you can ask clients to leave feedback there.

A client that reviews you positively is likely to come back. Those consenting to review means they trust your services, and will usually want more.

Whatever choice you pick, we recommend promising a free gift in exchange. That can be a newsletter, a discount code, etc.

Conclusion: Invoices Aren’t Just Bills…

They’re marketing tools. Invoices are one of many “follow ups” you have to get repeat clients. It’s a way to funnel them into your services! Plus, it’s a way to keep your business memorable to them!

With that, never forget the aesthetic factor. We recommend to pick a design and sticking to it. Be sure to contact a professional, and let them craft you an elegant invoice template!

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