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Here you can get over 30 free contractor invoice templates in PDF, Excel, Word & Google docs / sheets formats. All the templates can be downloaded, edited and personalized.

What is Contractor Invoice Template?

Contractor invoice template is a contractor standard layout that contains information in a desirable and structured manner. The contractor invoice template can be used as a reference document to generate invoices. Generally, the following essentials are included in the invoice template:

How to Create Your Own Contractor Invoice Template

  1. 1. Choose our contractor invoice template
  2. 2. Download it
  3. 3. Replace the logo
  4. 4. Fill in your business data

How to Create Your Own Contractor Invoice Template for Excel & Google Sheets

  1. 1. Choose our contractor invoice template marked as "Excel / sheets"
  2. 2. Download it
  3. 3. Replace the logo
  4. 4. Fill in your business data

How to Create Your Own Contractor Invoice Template for Word & Google Docs

  1. 1. Choose our contractor invoice template marked as "Word / docs"
  2. 2. Download it
  3. 3. Replace the logo
  4. 4. Fill in your business data

Benefits Of Using A Professional Invoice Template For Contractors

As your business grows, it can get difficult keeping tabs on all moving parts involved, especially parts that involve money. However, that's where professional invoice templates come in. The use of invoice templates have grown increasingly popular amongst contractors and for apparent reasons.

Whether you'd want to pay your project workers by milestones or one-off payments, having a dependable, complete professional invoice template will give your record cycle the stability it needs to make charging as smooth as can be.

Undoubtedly, your invoicing will be one of the most important things you'll need to do to keep your finances in order. Fortunately, a professional invoice template can go a long way. Asides time saving, it comes with a notable number of benefits. In this article, we'll will run you through the benefits you stand to gain using one as a contractor.

  1. Saves Time

    This has to be the ultimate benefit that comes with using professional business invoice templates. Having a go-to already set invoice template with your business details already contained in it and minimum details to fill in, saves you the trouble and stress that comes with manually creating an invoice or having to set up payment meetings.

    Once the template has been prepared and uploaded, it only takes a few clicks to produce an invoice. This implies that after work is done, an invoice can easily be prepared and issued on the same day.

    The obvious benefit is that when time is saved, less energy and effort are expended leaving you with ample opportunity to focus on other things.

  2. It Gives A Professional Look

    There’s nothing as satisfying as having a detailed invoice template after a job or milestone has been concluded. It creates a professional look for your business to the client.

    This clears all doubts and will leave little to no room for payments to be dragged for a long time. Because of how clear every single project detail has been presented on the invoice template, chances of being hired again by the same client are high.

  3. Keeps Track Of Important Details

    A professional invoice template offers more than just knowing the amount of money due. It helps you and your team keep track of important details about the contraction project.

    As we know, we are all humans, and there's a high tendency to forget things due to stress and workload. But with a professional invoice template, you no longer have to worry about forgetting these important details.

  4. Helps Reduce Error

    Financial issues can skyrocket when small errors are found. It may not have been intentional to make silly mistakes, but it can come with serious consequences.

    For instance, if you mistakenly increased the amount due in your traditionally prepared invoice (keep in mind that your client may also be keeping track of the right amount) issues may arise, therefore reducing your business’s credibility. This is something a professional invoice template helps you avoid.

  5. Provides Reliable Documentation

    In situations of payment disputes, having a professional invoice template can be a useful form of evidence to present to the court. It’s sad that such disputes arise, but invoice templates can help solve them quite easily.

Final words

Using a professional business template will definitely pay off in the long run and help build your business credibility over time. Invest in one today!

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