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Here you can get over 30 free simple invoice templates in PDF, Excel, Word & Google docs / sheets formats. All the templates can be downloaded, edited and personalized.

What is Simple Invoice Template?

Simple invoice template is a simple standard layout that contains information in a desirable and structured manner. The simple invoice template can be used as a reference document to generate invoices. Generally, the following essentials are included in the invoice template:

How to Create Your Own Simple Invoice Template

  1. 1. Choose our simple invoice template
  2. 2. Download it
  3. 3. Replace the logo
  4. 4. Fill in your business data

How to Create Your Own Simple Invoice Template for Excel & Google Sheets

  1. 1. Choose our simple invoice template marked as "Excel / sheets"
  2. 2. Download it
  3. 3. Replace the logo
  4. 4. Fill in your business data

How to Create Your Own Simple Invoice Template for Word & Google Docs

  1. 1. Choose our simple invoice template marked as "Word / docs"
  2. 2. Download it
  3. 3. Replace the logo
  4. 4. Fill in your business data

Benefits of Using a Simple Invoice Template

Sending out invoices is a crucial aspect of any business, as it's how you receive payment for your products or services. But when you attend to many clients, drafting a new invoice from scratch every time can become time-consuming.

A simple invoice template can help you save time while allowing you to do more profitable work.

So if you desire to make your invoicing more efficient, here are the benefits you gain from using templates:

  1. Saves valuable time

    Time is money. That is especially true for businesses. One of the greatest benefits of using invoice templates is that they're easy to create, enabling you to generate new invoices in just seconds.

    The layout is already prepared. On uploading the template, all you need to do is input the client information, your rate for that particular product or service, and any other payment information. The invoice is then auto-generated instantly. That means you can create and send out invoices immediately after each project is completed.

    Your admin team will therefore have more free time to attend to other important tasks.

  2. Maintains brand identity

    The layout of a simple invoice template is already designed according to your brand in terms of fonts, color schemes, etc.

    That means clients will easily recognize every invoice you send out, therefore maintaining your brand aesthetics. This makes your company appear more professional and cohesive.

  3. Helps you maintain a consistent customer experience

    With an invoice template, you'll have peace of mind knowing your customers will always receive the same experience regardless of who's on the desk creating your invoices. Repeat clients will also instantly know where to look for key information.

    While this seems irrelevant, it can help make life easier for your clients and encourage them to do repeat transactions.

  4. Makes life easy on your team

    Some templates allow you to save client data on the cloud so your invoicing team can quickly pull it when creating the invoice. The data may even be obtained from the project information, so the likelihood of errors becomes minimal.

    Additionally, your employees will always know where to look for key information when crosschecking the invoice since the layout is always the same. They also won't have to worry about not forgetting to include important information like accepted payment methods. That's because such information is already on the template. All of that makes things less complicated for your team.

  5. Anyone can handle your invoicing

    What happens when your employee responsible for creating invoices is unavailable? With a simple invoice template, any employee can step up to create new invoices without any special training.

    When using templates, you don't need to be an invoicing expert to create the document. All you need is to input a few pieces of data, and the software generates the whole thing. This ease helps you avoid getting anxious when an admin staff is away sick or on leave.

  6. Customizability

    Depending on the invoicing service, you may find your invoice template customizable, allowing you to make significant changes according to your brand aesthetics. These edits will save you time since you won't have to create everything from scratch.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of using invoice templates are for businesses and their clients to enjoy. So if you wish to offer a better customer experience while saving time, consider leveraging a simple invoicing template.

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